Drug-based Therapy

OTOSTEM employed human stem cells to generate human otic cellular models to allow screening for ototoxic, otoprotective and otoregenerative compounds to develop a drug-based hearing loss treatment.

Cell-based Therapy

Human stem cells populations intended for therapeutic use were evaluated for tumorigenic potential and their functional properties and biological potency was validated in in vitro models.

Human Stem Cell Technology

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We followed two major directions to implement a therapeutic use of human stem cell technology for hearing loss.

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The lack of human otic cell models represents a significant roadblock hampering the development of drug-based or cell-based therapies. Hearing impairment is the most frequent
human sensory deficit and is mainly caused by the irreversible loss of neurosensory cells in the cochlea.

OTOSTEM addressed this urgent and unmet medical need for causal hearing loss therapies by focusing on human stem cell technology.

The OTOSTEM project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No. 603029.